new building fundraisingAs you may know we have a lease on the building on Abbey Street for the last 12 years, which is approximately 4400 square feet. 400 square metres. It is 4 floors over basement with Govindas Restaurant on the ground and basement, supporting our temple upstairs.

Now, the current owner wants to sell the building for just over 1 million euro. Since the building itself is located 50 metres from Dublin's principle street, we are actually seeing that as a once in a lifetime opportunity. We have collected over 60,000 ourselves but we need to get an extra 225,000 for a deposit to get a mortgage to buy.

So we are requesting everyone out there to please do all you can to help with this effort so our doors can remain open and one and all can benefit from the blissful spiritual atmosphere at our Dublin Temple. Please click this button:

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The History of our Problem - and what you can do to help

In the last half of 2013, our resident brahmachari and long-term serving devotees needed to find temporary housing while the Temple building and Govinda's restaurant were assessed for safety compliance. Problems with our rented building were deemed no risk to Temple visitors, but still must be addressed to comply with local government standards.

Though the housing problem for the devotees who keep our Temple running with their daily service remains an inconvenience, the biggest risk is that now if we are unable to buy the building ourselves, itmay lead to the immediate loss of our entire premises including the restaurant. We are in a race against time to collect the remaining amount or get the mortgage as fast as we can.

So far we have been able to provide for the following items:

  • €7,000 - Installation of fire alarm & emergency lighting and provision of 15 fire extinguishers
  • €4,000 - Construction and creation of 3 lobbies
  • €4,000 - Installation of gas shut off valve and upgrading of all gas piping
  • €4,000 - Construction and fire proofing of kitchen area
  • €36,000 - Installation of sprinkler system

After having complied to the local government standards, we now do not want to lose the building and this one of a lifetime opportunity. What we are looking forward to now is:

  • 225,000 - Mortgage for the new building

We ask the community to cooperate in fundraising events. If you, your group or your family would like to help, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will cooperate in whatever way possible. 

Rewards for your help

As a reward for your help, we are offering the following:
1. 10% off for all meals for a year in the restaurant for every €100.
2. 15% off for all meals for a year in the restaurant + your name on the patron board for every €500.
3. If you donate €200 online through gogetfunding until end of Nov 2016, we will be giving you a vedas book + 1 small book.
4. To show our gratitude, we will be publishing the name of the donors every month. 

Monthly contribution with PayPal

A recurring donation, online or with the bank details below, is the best way to help restore a dependable environment as quickly as possible for our Temple community and restore the residence of our serving devotees:

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The email address to Send Money on PayPal is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which you can also contact for help. Note: PayPal will always email a complete receipt for every transaction, whether one-time or subscribed. Please be sure to indicate "Emergency Relief" in your transaction.

Direct Debit or other contribution

  • Bank name: Permanent TSB
  • Sort code: 99-06-07
  • Account number: 7250 6762
  • SEPA BIC number: IPBS IE2D
  • SEPA IBAN: IE82 IPBS 99 06 07 7250 6762
  • Reference: Emergency Relief

Please contact Manu das (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for help filling out a Direct Debit form that you can submit to your bank, or download a pre-filled form here, write your name after the word Emergency under Beneficiary Reference, then submit it to your own bank:

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