pancatattva summer mela

Our Dublin Summer Kirtan Mela took place on Saturday 18th August, we had a 12 hours kirtan with devotees coming from all over Ireland and our guest kirtaniyas were Balaram Nityananda Das, Radhika Ranjana Das, Jaggi Suta Das and Nakula who came all the way from London to lead ecstatic kirtans! 

Watch out a little video of the Mela here: 

And pictures can be found here.

And now after a successful Dublin Summer Kirtan Mela, we are very inspired and pleased to announce the date for our 12 hours Kirtan, our Winter Mela which will be on Saturday 8th December 2018!! And we will have wonderful guest kirtaniyas coming from Leicester namely Gopibhava Devi Dasi, Caitanya Cintamani Devi Dasi, Shyam Das and also Jaggi Suta Das, Nakula and Rosie coming from London! Now with all these support, we are hoping to bring some improvements to the Mela. But as always we depend on the generosity of all of you supporting our festival to make this happen! So we have set up this paypal donation, every little helps! Even a euro makes a difference!

What are we collecting for?

To make this Kirtan festival memorable and give everyone a unique opportunity to enter the Temple of the Heart, we would like to invite some special guest Kirtaniyas from abroad. This then requires us to look after them and host them. Any contribution made will go towards their travel cost, accommodation and hosting them. In addition, since we have now extended to 12 hours, we would also like to facilitate all our guest attending the Kirtan with Prasadam(Sanctify Vegetarian Food), by providing a free meal. Last but not least, we would like to gather as many like minded and sincere souls in Dublin/Ireland, as we can and for this we will need to print posters, leaflets etc to advertise, any additional contributions will also be covering these and help in organising a better Kirtan festival. 

We really want to built upon that momentum to make the experience a quality and profound one for all those that partake. So slowly but surely we are already starting the ground work to what should be a special Kirtan experience! So please help us by supporting us in any way you can.

Donation Methods:

- Offline : To Siroumi or Alek at the temple
- Online: 

1. PayPal or Via card (Less charges)

2. Our fundraising site 

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