Dublin Krishna Temple activity schedule - Worship, Kirtan, Bhajan and Vedic Studies

Newcomers are welcome at all events, especially the Sunday Feast! For more information about Yoga programmes please see our Govinda Yoga section.  All events are free though donations into the Temple box are welcome.

Last schedule change: 08 April 2014

Day Time Programme Fee
Sunday 3:00pm Sunday Feast (music, food, and philosophy) Free
Monday 7:00pm Vedic Studies (introduction) Free
Tuesday 6:30pm Kirtan (shared chanting & music) Free
Wednesday 6:00pm Intro­duc­tion to Krishna (read­ing & dis­cus­sion) Free
Thursday 6:00pm Intro­duc­tion to Krishna (read­ing & dis­cus­sion) in Ashram Free
Thursday 7:00pm Kirtan (shared chanting & music) Free
Friday 7:00pm The Golden Avatar (Caitanya Bhagavata) Free
Friday 8:00pm Kirtan (shared chanting & music) Free
Saturday 7:30pm Harinam (public chanting) Free

Feast days & special events

  • 17 August 2014 - Krishna Janmashtami on Krishna Island: cancelled
  • Sunday 17 August 2014 - Krishna Janmashtami in Dublin (15:00 - after midnight): the biggest holiday of the year… the birth of Lord Krishna, with our usual Sunday Feast (saving prasadam till after midnight for those fasting) followed by lots of kirtan, readings, video presentations, and pushpanjali ceremony. Everyone welcome, see Facebook event link and invite your friends! Shri Krishna Janmashtami ki jai!

Map & Directions

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