Indian temple drawing cross section

For this option, we are assuming it will be possible to do both these things:

  1. keep our current premises, which are being financially supported by the non-profit restaurant
  2. develop a campus-like plan with new construction, planned for meeting & worship places, dormitories, and an agricultural area.

Advantages vs. a Temple in Dublin City

• If the entire operation (Temple & Restaurant) were moved from its current location, we would have to find a location very near our current one in order not to lose customer base. It will be difficult to get such a building satisfying all our proposed needs, and with prices rising it will be very difficult to raise such a large amount of money in one attempt.

temple interior floor plan

• Srila Prabhupāda wanted us to demonstrate a lifestyle consistent with our philosophy. When drinking shop-bought milk, we contribute to the slaughter industry. Our restaurants are called Govinda's, which means protector of the cows. If we can generate milk for our restaurants in the long term, we will practically demonstrate cow protection as per Srila Prabhupada's instruction.

• The food chain at present is severely compromised. If we can supply proper food to our restaurants it will be good for our marketing and for our integrity.

• These self-sufficiency and self-sustainability initiatives are high on governmental agendas and attract funding while demonstrating that the Krishna lifestyle is practical and viable.

• Having a temple in a more natural as well as accessible setting will make a more family friendly, and hence more community building, environment.

• We will endeavour to get permission for a green field site and thus be able to design a custom built Temple which we can tailor to our needs.