current temple kirtan room

6 reasons Dublin needs a dedicated Krishna temple

1. Security & Stability: The main goal for our survival is to direct Temple funds (Lakṣmī) toward establishing & keeping equity rather than losing these through rent. The Dublin City Centre property market will be volatile and harshly competitive for years to come: continuing to rent for the next decade would keep us trapped in a materially disadvantaged, easily compromised living situation.

2. Hospitality: As long as we are renting, improvements would be lost upon moving, including any attempt we may make to improve guest & ashram facilities or modernise the Temple hall for the comfort of devotees. Our current Temple is still one of Dublin’s best kept secrets, mainly because it cannot be customised according to visitors’ expectations of a place of worship.

current temple kirtan room

3. Expanding population: The current Temple room (shown here) cannot be made any larger, and devotees are already packed shoulder to shoulder on festival days and many Sunday feasts. If expansion continues at the current rate, our Kirtan hall will soon not be able to fit everyone.

4. Effect on community: The existence of a dedicated Krishna Temple in or near the City Centre would be an ever-present reminder that spiritual life can still be maintained in the heart of materialistic culture. More visitors would be attracted to a permanent structure, with more opportunities for newcomers to Krishna Consciousness to enquire and/or participate.

5. Family appeal & breadth of activities: A robust Temple should support all ages, including young children with Sunday school activities and peer groups for adolescents. A larger community will fill in the gaps between generations, meeting critical needs of all age groups and helping families to stay together in Vaishnava practices.

A large room would be used for celebrations and should hold about 200 people, while smaller areas would support varied activities that, under our present arrangements, are impossible to run concurrently. The increased space will allow an explosion of new activities such as:

  • social events, e.g. video and bhajan nights
  • new cultural classes and activity groups
  • spiritual workshops and language classes
  • expansions of our existing philosophy programmes and cultural activities

6. Opportunities for service: We believe devotional service is absolutely essential to an understanding of the Supreme, and this new temple will provide a period of several years to work together towards a goal of establishing Krishna in our city’s spiritual landscape for many years to come, requiring many cheerful volunteers and individuals who can donate their own expertise.

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