The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker blog for the month of August, written By John McDonnell

The Watchmaker

A watch is a beautiful thing. Take any watch. It has to be designed in such a way that it has to be both attractive and functional. All of the intricate little pieces of the watch have to be assembled together perfectly for it to work correctly. One or more people had to sit down and design it, produce it, and assemble it with great care and attention. Such craftsmanship is a wonderful thing and takes intelligence to do so.

Watches come in many different varieties, forms, colours, sizes and prices. But they all perform pretty much the same function – they keep time.
Take a look at your watch. Can you tell who designed or created it simply by looking at it? Not the brand name, but the person who designed it. Most likely you don’t know unless their name happens to be on it.

If you were to give that watch to a more qualified person and have them analyse the watch to see what it is made of – the different elements, atoms etc, would it be possible to discover who the person is that created it? Most likely not, as that information is not stored in the make-up of the watch. It is located someplace else. Logic would dictate that there is a watch-maker. Simply because we do not see the watch-maker does not mean that there isn’t one. Watches certainly don’t self-manifest perfectly on people’s wrists.

The truth about who created the watch can be discovered. One would have to contact the proper sources at the company who branded the watch. It may even take a little persuading and many phone calls, as they may not want to reveal such information. But if you were to persevere long enough then you could discover the name.

If we analyse a watch we can see that it has two common components with a universe – energy and time. Like the watch, the universe is very intricately designed with many tiny moving parts, all of which move and combine together to make up a gigantic space. Governed by laws and time, planets revolve around suns, elements combine to create so many different forms, and the entire cosmos moves along perfectly.

Given that the watch has a designer/creator that we can’t see or observe, similarly the cosmos has a designer/creator that we can’t see or observe either. But it is possible to discover who the watchmaker is by following the proper channels, not simply by analysing the watch but by contacting the right people. Similarly we can discover who the universal creator is by following the proper channels and contacting the right people. Not simply by our belief or concoctions will this happen. There needs to be action.

How great and intelligent must one be to design and create a universe, what to speak of a watch. He must be vastly more superior to us, with greater power, intelligence and responsibility. And what must we be prepared to do to find out who He is. How much effort and time would it take to discover who the watchmaker is? Now compare that with an entire universe, and perhaps even multiverses.

A notable scientist of the 20th century once created a working model of the solar system. He invited many of his friends and fellow scientists to his home one day. He showed them his model of the solar system. They were very impressed by it. One of them asked him who had made it. His reply was that no one had. They found that to be quite strange, and so they asked him again who made it. He again replied that no one had. Then he noted to them that they found it difficult to accept that no one had created a replica of the solar system, yet they were quite happy to accept that no one had created the real thing.

Unfortunately, many of us are willing to do the same.