Narasima Deva shower

Hare Krsna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This coming Sunday we are celebrating the appearance day of Lord Nrsimhadeva , the wonderful half man , half lion incarnation of Lord Krsna , who appeared to protect His devotees from the powerful demon , Hiranyakasipu .

The day will begin at 2pm with a talk by HG Praghosa prabhu who has recently returned from India . Representatives of the Hare Krsna movement from around the world meet every year at our world headquarters in Mayapur , West Bengal . Praghosa prabhu will be presenting to us some of the main topics that were discussed this year .

Then at 3pm our usual Sunday program will begin with kirtan ; melodious chanting . At 3 30pm a special talk will be given by our illustrious guest , HG Vijaya prabhu . Originally from California , Vijaya prabhu travels all over the world , inspiring everyone by his amazing example and his wonderful talks on the science of Krsna conciousness , with a special focus on the practice of compassion .

After the talk at 4 30pm , there will be an arati ceremony accompanied by enthusiastic singing and dancing , followed by a delightful vegetarian feast . Everyone welcome ..............

Ys Premarnava