by Robert Phair

Dear Friends & Krishna Devotees:

I wish there were more time to write about this issue and provide more footnotes & background research, but rest assured you will find all of these at the links below.

I have been myself to Sri Vrindavan Dham in the summer of 2011, and one of the first things I noticed was the bed of the sacred Yamuna river flowing with only a trickle of sewage.

This was a frightening thing to realise on the beginning of the Vrindavan Parikrama and I remember thinking two things at the time:

  1. How can the Indian government let this happen?
  2. How can the devotees let this happen?

save yamuna-400x300This is a correctable problem if the Indian government can be pressured by devotees & environmental activists to overcome the corruption and irresponsibility of certain vested interests. There are web sites and online initiatives that show the history of this problem as well as solutions, petitions you can sign, Indian government representatives you can contact, and links for environmental activism. Some of these are:

Locally in the Dublin Temple, we will be promoting awareness of this issue especially between now and the Week of the Save the Yamuna Campaign, 21-29 September 2013.

Hare Kṛṣṇa, Sri Yamuna ki jai…