by Praghosa Das

The dublin yatra tour visited Mayapur in Navadvip, West Bengal, India to represent Dublin at our world headquaters.

mayapur deity Sri Mayapur is a sublime village which is located on the bank of the ganges river, the place where the International Society Of Krishna Conciousness (ISKCON) was initially founded and has its headquarter. Located in the middle of Sri Navadvipa-mandala, Mayapur is also known as the birthplace of Shri Krishna Chaitanya who is the incarnation of Lord Krishna who appeared in the kali yuga

Devotees all around the world visits Mayapur on pilgrimage to strengthen their spirituality and obtain the unlimited mercy of the Sri Mayapur dham.  As stated by Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya - "Whoever visits Navadvipa becomes freed from all offenses. Whatever a pilgrim obtains by wandering to all the holy places is obtained simply by remembering Sri Navadvipa. A person who simply sees Navadvipa gets the great fortune of love for Krishna, birth after birth.

Dublin Yatra in mayapurAs the Gaura Purnima festival 2015 approaches we have at least six devotees who will be representing Dublin at our world headquarters! Please see the photo of the devotees being dwarfed by the absolutely magnificent temple of the vedic planetarium which is scheduled to open during Gaura Purnima 2022.