Culture and Temple Activities

The whole process of spiritual culture is aimed at changing the heart of the living being in the matter of his eternal relation with the Supreme Lord as subordinate servant, which is his eternal constitutional position.
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada,purport Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 2.3.24

Sunday Feast

dublin krishna sunday feast dancing kirtan

The main event every week for Hare Krishna temples worldwide is the famous Sunday Feast in which we celebrate kirtan before and after a philosophical presentation, which can always be appreciated by newcomers, and then share a free vegetarian feast, open to the public.

Weekly Kirtan

dublin krishna temple kirtan

Kirtan — musical chanting — brings us together for a number of improvised musical renditions of our Hare Krishna mantra, with accompaniment on traditional Indian musical instruments, in a beautiful & meditative temple setting. Free & no musical or spiritual experience required!

Kirtan Class

bhajan on the green with Sanghamitra devi

Our Thursday afternoon kirtan class teaches the words and music that glorify the Supreme through song.  These traditional Indian songs of praise, in Bengali and Sanskrit, awaken love and devotion in one’s heart and encourage the development of true self-realisation.


harinam premarnava amita krishna

The socially interactive face or our chanting — Harinam, or public sankirtan — brings us to familiar places on the streets of Dublin to share the ecstatic aspect of kirtan with the hearts of passers-by. Learn more about why we do this & how you might be interested in participating.

Ratha Yatra

dublin ratha yatra 2012 o'connell street

Every year through the streets of Dublin we have an amazing, unique parade based on the centuries-old celebration in Jagannath Puri, India — the Ratha Yatra, or Festival of the Chariots — with a public park festival honouring Indian culture and Vaishnava spiritual principles.