Dublin Centre Of Vedic Studies

DCVS logo blueSet in the heart of Dublin, Dublin Centre of Vedic Studies(DCVS) offers a wide range of spiritual, practical, educational and personal development courses and workshops based on the ancient teachings of the Vedas.

Some of the courses offered are as follows:
The Coherence of theism
Desire management & calamity management
– Spirituality & Diet, Environment & Economy
Explore – ancient wisdom for modern times

The classes consists of interactive presentations, debates, group discussions, and also offer opportunities for questions and discussions with the tutors. Furthermore, from time to time we invite guest speakers to Dublin for workshops on such essential topics as Forgiveness, Humility, Beliefs, Japa and so on.

The tutors and organisers are members of ISKCON Dublin Krishna Temple Ireland, who live and practice in Ireland and want to share this eternal message with others in a simple, inspiring, practical and interactive manner.

To register for any of the courses or more details, please visit www.dcvs.ie.