photos from page 3 of articleDear Friends & Krishna Devotees: the Sunday Independent has released a beautifully written and illustrated piece in the 07 July 2013 issue featuring members of the Dublin and Krishna Island temples.

Please click the image to view the full article. The introduction, in their own words:

A Song for Krishna

They don't do meat, booze, smoking, gambling or casual sex, and even garlic and onion are frowned on as aphrodisiacs, but Ireland's Hare Krishnas say they are on a mission to spread happiness.

Joanna Kiernan joins the chanting monks and followers in their temple in Dublin, where she is moved to tears by their music, and travels to their beautiful island reserve to meet the ordinary people who gave up material comforts for a life of prayer and saffron robes. Photography by Kip Carroll.

We are most grateful for the time and attention from the newspaper and these dedicated reporters, especially for the painstaking and accurate portrayal of the lives and philosophy of our members.

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