ratha yatra 2012 o'connell street

Ratha Yatra: our annual Krishna Conscious parade festival in Dublin

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Ratha Yatra Dublin 2017 will be on Saturday 29th July… click for details!

ratha yatra 2012 o'connell streetRatha Yatra, or Festival of the Chariots, is a re-enactment of a sacred journey of Lord Krishna celebrated for hundreds of years on a massive scale in Jagannath Puri, India, as well as in centres of devotion to Krishna all over the world today, including Ireland.

The Vaishnava devotees in Dublin have held a Ratha Yatra every year since 2004. The City of Dublin clears the streets for our enormous, hand-pulled chariot to travel from the Garden of Remembrance down to St. Stephen’s Green, carrying the three deity figures of Lord Jagannātha, Lord Baladeva, and Lady Subhadrā.

ratha yatra deities on dublin rath cart

Once these deities are enshrined on the Green, the park becomes an afternoon celebration of Indian culture with Vaishnava music, singing, dancing, dramatic works and philosophy. In the midst of the free entertainment, we conduct a Sunday Feast on a grand, outdoor scale with all welcome to share our prasādam… free, delightful vegetarian food.

If you have never heard of the Ratha Yatra before, please find more information at the Ratha Yatra Ireland web site and plan to attend with all your friends for an unforgettable fusion of Indian and European cultures. If the Ratha Yatra is already close to your heart, every year we need volunteers & sponsorship to make this event a success, so click the button below to find out how you can help.

Visit Ratha Yatra Ireland

Contact ISKCON Ireland, Dublin

Contact email addresses:

  • dublin@krishna.ie for general questions, help with donations or volunteering, programme questions or press enquiries
  • paypal@krishna.ie for help with online donations (this is also our donation email address on PayPal)
  • webservant@krishna.ie to report problems on web site or to suggest content (links, articles, photos, videos)

Temple Accommodation:

We currently have no accommodation facilities at the centre.

For your Security:

We request everyone to please keep your belongings with you at all time when visiting the temple. The temple is located right in city centre and we had theft reported when items were left unattended at the reception during programs while the main door is open. While we are trying our best to take care of the security and safety of everyone visiting the temple, taking care of your belongings is your responsibility. Management will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal belongings left unattended on the premises.

Opening Hours:

Monday: 10.00 – 20.30
Tuesday: 10.00 – 21.00
Wednesday: 10.00 – 20.30
Thursday: 10.00 – 20.30
Friday: 10.00 – 20.30
Saturday: 10.00 – 20.30
Sunday: 10.00 – 20.00

Map to Dublin Temple

Enter through the white door to the left of the Govinda’s restaurant entrance, and go all the way up the steps to the third floor. For security reasons, we have to close the main door, please press the bell and wait for few minutes for somebody to come down.

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Links, Media Articles, References & Contibutors

hanuman doing service in LankaHarmonizing ISKCON’s Lines of Authority


News Articles

Krishna Consciousness at home and abroad


  • The Art and Science of Harinam Sankirtan Yajna, the classic by Sita Pati das, with clearly explained basics of kartals, mrdanga and harmonium playing… including an amazing body of experience & instruction for playing music with devotees, conducting kirtan & Harinam, instrument repair, and more.


All credit for our spiritual undertakings is customarily given to the guru. The following have also been helpful in making this web site a reality:

Please contact webservant@krishna.ie with more link suggestions that relate to the devotee community in Ireland.


Raising Funds: things you can do today


Therefore, O Arjuna, surrendering all your works unto Me, with full knowledge of Me, without desires for profit, with no claims to proprietorship, and free from lethargy, fight.Bhagavad-gītā 3.30

Get a can for coins & notes

These are kept in the Shoe Room upstairs on Abbey Street at the entrance to the Temple, and can be picked up on Sunday Feast days and Kirtan. Please ask one of our brahmacaris or fund-raisers for a can, to keep in your home or place of business, and return when full.

Plan a fundraising event

If you have an idea for an event to raise funds (Lakṣmī) directly, contact dublin@krishna.ie to send us your fundraising idea, and see how we can work together to make your event a success. Some examples suggested so far:

  • Cultural events: bhajan & Indian dance performance, kirtan sessions, music recitals, plays & poetry
  • Competitions: quizzes, fashion shows, art shows, marathons, treasure hunts, auctions
  • Charity sponsorship: walks, bike rides, mountain climbs, long kirtan events (pledge by the hour)
  • Sales to community: car washes, baked goods, trips & family events

temple poster thumbnail

Download & share the fundraising poster

Click to download & post in your favourite public places where visitors will be interested in the Vedic Temple (e.g. yoga centres). Watch this section for more downloads, pending refinements to our fundraising plan:

  • Short fundraising brochure – a one-page sheet with summary of the project & how to contribute
  • Long fundraising presentation – to bring & email to potential contributors

Keep our existing community strong

Volunteer for service in our existing Temple, according to your time and capacities:

Service & Volunteering

Pass it on…

Write in your own words about what we are trying do in your favourite Internet channels and discussion boards, Facebook, Twitter, or perhaps your own web site, and link to krishna.ie and/or the contribution page itself:


radha govinda in red and white

Contribute to the Dublin Vedic Temple Fund

radha govinda in red and white

{emailcloak=off}Thank you for endeavouring with us to see the Dublin Vedic Temple project through to its completion. Please remember the following about your donation:

  • ISKCON is a non-profit organisation and has maintained charity status in Ireland (CHY no. 6368) since 1984
  • Contributions may be eligible for tax relief (see Tax relief on donations to Charity)

One who offers the Deity gifts of land, markets, cities and villages so that the regular daily worship and special festivals of the Deity may go on continually will achieve opulence equal to My own.Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 11.27.51

Monthly offering with PayPal

We believe regular monthly offerings will provide the most assurance that our Vedic Temple project will eventually be completed.  PayPal calls this a subscription payment and requires an account, which allows you to cancel the subscription at any time.  Please choose your pledge, then click the button:

If none of the choices above suit you, please email paypal@krishna.ie, specifying the amount, frequency and currency (e.g. 20 euro weekly). We’ll reply with a button to click & activate the payment. Please keep in mind PayPal deducts €0.35 from each transaction (making small amounts impractical) as well as currency exchange commissions.

TOVP Mayapur 22 August 2011

One-time donation with PayPal

Please click & fill in your donation amount:

The email address to Send Money on PayPal is paypal@krishna.ie, which you can also contact for help. Note: PayPal will always email a complete receipt for every transaction, whether one-time or subscribed.

Bank transfer

Your bank branch or online banking system can set up a one-time transfer as well as a standing order. Please give your bank or online system the following information:

  • Bank name: Permanent TSB
  • Sort code: 99-06-07
  • Account number: 72506762
  • SEPA BIC number: IPBS IE2D
  • SEPA IBAN: IE82 IPBS 99 06 07 7250 6762
  • Reference: Vedic Temple Fund

You can also download a pre-filled form here, to give to your bank:

Download Direct Debit Form

As with all contributions, your bank’s receipt for this transaction should qualify you for Tax Relief On Donations To Charities. If you need any additional documentation beyond what your bank gives you, please contact dublin@krishna.ie.

dublin vedic temple fund receiptIn cash / In person

Sunday Feasts: Please look for our one of our representatives with a receipt book. Don’t give cash to anyone who doesn’t have a book of receipts that look like this!

At Govinda’s Restaurants: Each of these will gratefully accept Vedic Temple con­tri­bu­tions, with receipt books for cash donations and credit card terminals where donations may be accepted at the register. Please insist upon a receipt for both types of transactions.

Sizeable, confidential, commemorative or equity donations

You are welcome to contact dublin@krishna.ie if you would prefer to be met by a member of our fundrasing committee.

Question: What if I can’t donate anything now?

We have been waiting for you to ask that!  Your ongoing interest is just as important as any material contribution, so please read on to find other ways you can help:

TOVP Mayapur 22 August 2011

4 ways a proper temple Ashram will improve our Vedic spiritual life

TOVP Mayapur 22 August 2011

The current temple ashram has sparse living space for only 4 people: just over the bare minimum to maintain the Temple’s operations while also ensuring that the daily Vedic rituals are performed by our brahmacari residents.

Moving to a new building will allow us to expand our living quarters substantially: by a factor or 2 or 3 if were were to build a city-based temple, or more if we achieve a near-city temple.  In either case we would finally have separate ashram facilities for both male and female residents & guests.

Emergency appeal: Temple Relief Fund

How will the new temple improve our own Vedic spiritual life?

Visitor exchange: Pilgrims to and from our spiritual community always fertilise the landscape of ideas, as we learn new methods of teaching and learning the unchanging Vedic principles as the world around us continues to change. A larger ashram would allow us to offer guests proper beds, bringing visitors more often to our spiritual community.

dayananda swami visits dublin

Support for honoured guests: Our most engaging and inspiring speakers are often swamis, brahmacaris, and pandits from around the world. We would be able to invite and attract such guests far more often after our ashram expansion, as well as supporting female guests and pilgrims, without forcing them out into secular accommodations.

More service opportunities: The ability to stay overnight in the Temple allows our devotees to participate in mangal arati and early morning Vedic programmes. The larger ashram would allow this to happen far more often and also give space to spiritual aspirants for extended devotional service or preparation for brahmacari initiation.

Positive effect on Greater Dublin: A larger, as well as more locally and globally visible, ashram would provide a more tangible presence of monastic culture in or near Dublin City (depending upon whether a city-based or near-city temple is achieved). The spiritual benefit to the community at large would be enormous — living proof of an attractive alternative to the predominant materialistic lifestyle.

govinda's restaurant on abbey street

Option 2: A Temple building within Dublin City

govinda's restaurant on abbey street

If large conributions or equity donations become available in the next few years, we might also be able to purchase and develop a building in Dublin City itself as close as possible to our current location.

This would have the advantage of preserving the regular attendance of our existing congregation while escaping from the financial impracticalities of our downtown lease (expiring in 2019).

Our first requirement: prasādam

Such a building should include, or be extendable into, a ground floor that can be used as a restaurant (such as our current Govinda’s):

  • The self-supporting nature of our charitable, non-profit enterprise (see ISKCON Food for Life Programme) locally depends upon a close relationship between the restaurant and the Temple.
  • Our mission of supplying prasādam (spiritually prepared food) to devotees, on the Sunday Feasts and festival days, requires a restaurant where food can be prepared according to spiritual principles.

ContributeTOVP Mayapur 22 August 2011

Building size & layout

About 11,000 square feet, breaking down approximately as follows:

  • 2,000 sq ft: restaurant
  • 3,000 sq ft: large room (Kirtan hall), about 2,000 sq ft plus stage and backstage-like areas
  • 3,000 sq ft: dormitory areas, office and storage space
  • 3,000 sq ft: activity areas (like conference rooms, able to be partitioned)

What are we doing now?

Though we are primarily pursuing the goal of a temple plan in more natural surroundings…

Option 1: Temple outside City Centre

… we would still be interested in fundraising proposals or donations that may make a high-profile and easily accessible temple in the City Centre possible, including proposals from suitable building owners with any flexible arrangements.  Please contact dublin@krishna.ie if you have any such proposal and we will be happy to meet to discuss it with you.

radha krishna deities

Dublin Vedic Temple project: a long-term commitment to Krishna Consciousness in Ireland

radha krishna deities

Our existing Dublin temple, established in 2009, has given us an intimate space for kirtan, Sunday feasts, and the newly developed yoga classes, attracting many newcomers to Krishna consciousness. Having achieved this apparent stability, why are we looking for new premises?

5. To erect for the members and for society at large a holy place of transcendental pastimes dedicated to the personality of Krishna.A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada,Seven Purposes of ISKCON

For years the Dublin Krishna Temple has been in favour of finding a permanent home… to replace our currently rented premises with a fully owned building. The strongest reasons for this are:

Main Reasons for a New Temple
Improved Ashram & Spiritual Culture

In early 2013 we began a fundraising programme, researching what type of temple would best serve the needs of the Dublin and Ireland’s Krishna community. Three options were considered:

  1. Temple just outside Dublin City Centre
  2. Temple as we have now, in the City Centre
  3. Temple beyond the Greater Dublin area

With the goal of better serving the devotee community accustomed to our Temple presence in the City Centre, we ruled out option #3 (an out-lying Temple) and decided to focus on fundraising to buy an existing City Centre building and rebuilding it as a Temple:

Option 2: Temple within City Centre

By early 2014, the pace of our existing fundraising showed us that a City Centre temple might not be a viable option. In the meantime we discovered many reasons why a Temple plan outside the City in a less congested area, with more room to expand in areas of lifestyle, education, and self-sufficiency, would be a more compelling choice:

Option 1: Temple outside City Centre

At this time we are keeping both options open and welcome any suggestions, especially if our needs coincide with your capacity to contribute or your field of endeavour. The funds we accumulate will be kept and/or invested until the time comes to pursue our best option in earnest.


Govinda Yoga classes: in a sacred space

meditation flame incense candles

From the perspective of Bhakti Yoga, hatha yoga and its variants taught atGovinda Yoga Centre are understood to have beneficial effects upon spiritual practice:

He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system. When the yogī, by practice of yoga, disciplines his mental activities and becomes situated in transcendence—devoid of all material desires—he is said to be well established in yoga.Bhagavad-gītā 6.17-18

Weekly yoga classes & instructors

Yoga classes last for an hour, unless specified otherwise on our schedule, and include asanas (physical practice), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.  Classes are suitable for beginners but will also be appreciated by those who have taken yoga classes before.

Monday at 6pm : Yoga with Reena
Wednesday at 7.30pm : Yoga with Leonor