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As of this year (2013), ISKCON devotees across Europe have been applying for grants from the European Union itself to promote the continent-wide goals of adult education, cultural harmony, economic cooperation, and cross-language communication.

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Ireland is now a member of one of the two resulting partnerships, called Pre-Slavic Culture in Europe – Literature Study, in conjunction with our fellow devotees in Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, and the Netherlands. Our project is conducted under the auspices of the Lifelong Learning Programme in the EU and our sponsoring agency Léargas in ireland.

At the time of this writing (November 2013), the Ireland delegation has just returned from the first official meeting of all five countries at the Nowe Nawadwip temple in Wrocław. This meeting focused on project planning and teaching methods to use Vedic Literature to promote cultural awareness and literacy as specified in this extract from our project guidelines:

We firmly believe that reading and a thorough, systematic analysis of the books suggested by each country will be a definite contribution to the acquisition of the key competences to promote Pre-Slavic culture in Europe and also cultivate tolerance and respect towards other people and cultures.

What you can do to help

Each of our partner countries will be hosting its own programme in turn. Ireland does not have its own conference date set yet, but even at this time we need to gather volunteers interested in the following presentations of Vedic literature in books as well as modern applications:

  • philosophy: teaching, comparative religion & legends
  • culture: languages, linguistics, diet, cooking, yoga, meditation
  • media: art and artists, music, audio & video lectures, graphic & web design
  • events: hosting our Ireland conference for EU delegates & local participants

Latest news: Hungary, June 2014
If you are interested in helping with this project please email or stay tuned during Temple events for our next announced meeting.

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