govinda's restaurant on abbey street

govinda's restaurant on abbey street

If large conributions or equity donations become available in the next few years, we might also be able to purchase and develop a building in Dublin City itself as close as possible to our current location.

This would have the advantage of preserving the regular attendance of our existing congregation while escaping from the financial impracticalities of our downtown lease (expiring in 2019).

Our first requirement: prasādam

Such a building should include, or be extendable into, a ground floor that can be used as a restaurant (such as our current Govinda’s):

  • The self-supporting nature of our charitable, non-profit enterprise (see ISKCON Food for Life Programme) locally depends upon a close relationship between the restaurant and the Temple.
  • Our mission of supplying prasādam (spiritually prepared food) to devotees, on the Sunday Feasts and festival days, requires a restaurant where food can be prepared according to spiritual principles.

ContributeTOVP Mayapur 22 August 2011

Building size & layout

About 11,000 square feet, breaking down approximately as follows:

  • 2,000 sq ft: restaurant
  • 3,000 sq ft: large room (Kirtan hall), about 2,000 sq ft plus stage and backstage-like areas
  • 3,000 sq ft: dormitory areas, office and storage space
  • 3,000 sq ft: activity areas (like conference rooms, able to be partitioned)

What are we doing now?

Though we are primarily pursuing the goal of a temple plan in more natural surroundings…

Option 1: Temple outside City Centre

… we would still be interested in fundraising proposals or donations that may make a high-profile and easily accessible temple in the City Centre possible, including proposals from suitable building owners with any flexible arrangements.  Please contact if you have any such proposal and we will be happy to meet to discuss it with you.