Therefore, O Arjuna, surrendering all your works unto Me, with full knowledge of Me, without desires for profit, with no claims to proprietorship, and free from lethargy, fight.Bhagavad-gītā 3.30

Get a can for coins & notes

These are kept in the Shoe Room upstairs on Abbey Street at the entrance to the Temple, and can be picked up on Sunday Feast days and Kirtan. Please ask one of our brahmacaris or fund-raisers for a can, to keep in your home or place of business, and return when full.

Plan a fundraising event

If you have an idea for an event to raise funds (Lakṣmī) directly, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send us your fundraising idea, and see how we can work together to make your event a success. Some examples suggested so far:

  • Cultural events: bhajan & Indian dance performance, kirtan sessions, music recitals, plays & poetry
  • Competitions: quizzes, fashion shows, art shows, marathons, treasure hunts, auctions
  • Charity sponsorship: walks, bike rides, mountain climbs, long kirtan events (pledge by the hour)
  • Sales to community: car washes, baked goods, trips & family events
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Download & share the fundraising poster

Click to download & post in your favourite public places where visitors will be interested in the Vedic Temple (e.g. yoga centres). Watch this section for more downloads, pending refinements to our fundraising plan:

  • Short fundraising brochure - a one-page sheet with summary of the project & how to contribute
  • Long fundraising presentation - to bring & email to potential contributors

Keep our existing community strong

Volunteer for service in our existing Temple, according to your time and capacities:

Service & Volunteering

Pass it on…

Write in your own words about what we are trying do in your favourite Internet channels and discussion boards, Facebook, Twitter, or perhaps your own web site, and link to and/or the contribution page itself: