TOVP Mayapur 22 August 2011

TOVP Mayapur 22 August 2011

The current temple ashram has sparse living space for only 4 people: just over the bare minimum to maintain the Temple’s operations while also ensuring that the daily Vedic rituals are performed by our brahmacari residents.

Moving to a new building will allow us to expand our living quarters substantially: by a factor or 2 or 3 if were were to build a city-based temple, or more if we achieve a near-city temple.  In either case we would finally have separate ashram facilities for both male and female residents & guests.

Emergency appeal: Temple Relief Fund

How will the new temple improve our own Vedic spiritual life?

Visitor exchange: Pilgrims to and from our spiritual community always fertilise the landscape of ideas, as we learn new methods of teaching and learning the unchanging Vedic principles as the world around us continues to change. A larger ashram would allow us to offer guests proper beds, bringing visitors more often to our spiritual community.

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Support for honoured guests: Our most engaging and inspiring speakers are often swamis, brahmacaris, and pandits from around the world. We would be able to invite and attract such guests far more often after our ashram expansion, as well as supporting female guests and pilgrims, without forcing them out into secular accommodations.

More service opportunities: The ability to stay overnight in the Temple allows our devotees to participate in mangal arati and early morning Vedic programmes. The larger ashram would allow this to happen far more often and also give space to spiritual aspirants for extended devotional service or preparation for brahmacari initiation.

Positive effect on Greater Dublin: A larger, as well as more locally and globally visible, ashram would provide a more tangible presence of monastic culture in or near Dublin City (depending upon whether a city-based or near-city temple is achieved). The spiritual benefit to the community at large would be enormous — living proof of an attractive alternative to the predominant materialistic lifestyle.

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