radha krishna deities

radha krishna deities

Our existing Dublin temple, established in 2009, has given us an intimate space for kirtan, Sunday feasts, and the newly developed yoga classes, attracting many newcomers to Krishna consciousness. Having achieved this apparent stability, why are we looking for new premises?

5. To erect for the members and for society at large a holy place of transcendental pastimes dedicated to the personality of Krishna.A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada,Seven Purposes of ISKCON

For years the Dublin Krishna Temple has been in favour of finding a permanent home… to replace our currently rented premises with a fully owned building. The strongest reasons for this are:

Main Reasons for a New Temple
Improved Ashram & Spiritual Culture

In early 2013 we began a fundraising programme, researching what type of temple would best serve the needs of the Dublin and Ireland’s Krishna community. Three options were considered:

  1. Temple just outside Dublin City Centre
  2. Temple as we have now, in the City Centre
  3. Temple beyond the Greater Dublin area

With the goal of better serving the devotee community accustomed to our Temple presence in the City Centre, we ruled out option #3 (an out-lying Temple) and decided to focus on fundraising to buy an existing City Centre building and rebuilding it as a Temple:

Option 2: Temple within City Centre

By early 2014, the pace of our existing fundraising showed us that a City Centre temple might not be a viable option. In the meantime we discovered many reasons why a Temple plan outside the City in a less congested area, with more room to expand in areas of lifestyle, education, and self-sufficiency, would be a more compelling choice:

Option 1: Temple outside City Centre

At this time we are keeping both options open and welcome any suggestions, especially if our needs coincide with your capacity to contribute or your field of endeavour. The funds we accumulate will be kept and/or invested until the time comes to pursue our best option in earnest.


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