radha govinda in red and white

radha govinda in red and white

{emailcloak=off}Thank you for endeavouring with us to see the Dublin Vedic Temple project through to its completion. Please remember the following about your donation:

  • ISKCON is a non-profit organisation and has maintained charity status in Ireland (CHY no. 6368) since 1984
  • Contributions may be eligible for tax relief (see Tax relief on donations to Charity)

One who offers the Deity gifts of land, markets, cities and villages so that the regular daily worship and special festivals of the Deity may go on continually will achieve opulence equal to My own.Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 11.27.51

Monthly offering with PayPal

We believe regular monthly offerings will provide the most assurance that our Vedic Temple project will eventually be completed.  PayPal calls this a subscription payment and requires an account, which allows you to cancel the subscription at any time.  Please choose your pledge, then click the button:

If none of the choices above suit you, please email paypal@krishna.ie, specifying the amount, frequency and currency (e.g. 20 euro weekly). We’ll reply with a button to click & activate the payment. Please keep in mind PayPal deducts €0.35 from each transaction (making small amounts impractical) as well as currency exchange commissions.

TOVP Mayapur 22 August 2011

One-time donation with PayPal

Please click & fill in your donation amount:

The email address to Send Money on PayPal is paypal@krishna.ie, which you can also contact for help. Note: PayPal will always email a complete receipt for every transaction, whether one-time or subscribed.

Bank transfer

Your bank branch or online banking system can set up a one-time transfer as well as a standing order. Please give your bank or online system the following information:

  • Bank name: Permanent TSB
  • Sort code: 99-06-07
  • Account number: 72506762
  • SEPA BIC number: IPBS IE2D
  • SEPA IBAN: IE82 IPBS 99 06 07 7250 6762
  • Reference: Vedic Temple Fund

You can also download a pre-filled form here, to give to your bank:

Download Direct Debit Form

As with all contributions, your bank’s receipt for this transaction should qualify you for Tax Relief On Donations To Charities. If you need any additional documentation beyond what your bank gives you, please contact dublin@krishna.ie.

dublin vedic temple fund receiptIn cash / In person

Sunday Feasts: Please look for our one of our representatives with a receipt book. Don’t give cash to anyone who doesn’t have a book of receipts that look like this!

At Govinda’s Restaurants: Each of these will gratefully accept Vedic Temple con­tri­bu­tions, with receipt books for cash donations and credit card terminals where donations may be accepted at the register. Please insist upon a receipt for both types of transactions.

Sizeable, confidential, commemorative or equity donations

You are welcome to contact dublin@krishna.ie if you would prefer to be met by a member of our fundrasing committee.

Question: What if I can’t donate anything now?

We have been waiting for you to ask that!  Your ongoing interest is just as important as any material contribution, so please read on to find other ways you can help:

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